Sixt Costa Rica mission, vision and values

Our Policies

Our general and environmental policies are meant to establish the guidelines for the proper development of the company in all areas of its operation. Therefore, it is important to include the participation of our staff, suppliers and customers to implement a truly sustainable development.


“To provide transportation solutions to our customers, with a high added value and with a good standard of quality, always in accordance with our values and sustainability standards, for the benefit of our members, neighbors and shareholders”


“To be the best tourism ground transportation solution in Costa Rica”


Our core values:

Love, respect and excellence.

Our managing and service values:

Wisdom, friendship, affability, confidentiality, companionship, commitment, teamwork, creativity, discipline, innovation, integrity, leadership, inspiration, humbleness, loyalty, opportunity, caution, Pro-activity, punctuality, responsibility, health, safety, sincerity, solidarity, versatility, truthfulness and environmental sustainability.